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Cubico - Kids' Coding

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Dear Parents,

Check out this fun Kids AR Coding Playtoy for your child!

Fun-filled stories and characters take centre stage, as your child takes his/her first steps towards understanding the basic concepts of coding!

- Vivid Hands-on contents Based on AR

Children can use the character chips on the device to customize their very own character in the game with AR technology.

- Three Stages of Systematic Coding Study

After pre-coding on the stage board, children can write the code by putting the blocks on the tray and check the actual coding result through the game.

- Learning Coding Through Fun Songs

By listening to 10 coding songs such as 'Rhythm Rhythm Algorithm, 'Catch a bug', children can easily learn the concepts and the vocabularies used in coding.

- Coding made by software experts customised by young children

A group of software experts and the ECE Institute collaborated to develop the levels based on Early Childhood development, CUBICO also includes the inventor game for the experience of physical computing, and various unplugged activities.