[Combo 2022]: Storytime Magazine (8+ y/o) and i Magazine (10+ y/o) : 1
[Combo 2022]: Storytime Magazine (8+ y/o) and i Magazine (10+ y/o) : 1
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[Combo 2022]: Storytime Magazine (8+ y/o) and i Magazine (10+ y/o) : 10 Issues

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Dear Parents,

Have one child in upper primary, another in lower primary, and finding a way to get both reading more and doing better in school? We've got the perfect combo for you!

Get your young child reading more and doing better in school

About Storytime magazines:

Storytime is a leading children's magazine from the UK for children aged 8 and above to be able to enjoy the below 10 wide-ranging benefits in 1 easy place:

  1. Increase general knowledge through stories from around the world
  2. Enhance language development through poems and rhymes
  3. Learn moral values through value-based fables
  4. Increase vocabulary through word banks
  5. Develop fine motor skills through free handicraft printables available online
  6. Enjoy language through captivating fairy tales
  7. Have fun while learning through interactive games
  8. Encourage imagination through colourful illustrations
  9. Deepen bond with parents through prompts for conversations
  10. Spark creativity through imaginary play

Each issue is about 45 pages long and contains the below:

  • Favourite fairy tales
  • Poems and rhymes
  • Tales from around the world
  • Famous fables
  • Myths and legends
  • Word bank
  • Games

Some of all-time favourite stories in Story time magazines include:

  • The Hare and the Tortoise
  • The Lion and the Mouse
  • Town Mouse and Country Mouse
  • Jack and the Beanstalk
  • Three Little Pigs
  • The Cat Maiden
  • The Three Fishes

Issue 31 -Publishing in 2022 January
Issue 32 - (Publishing in 2022 March)
Issue 33 - (
Publishing in 2022 May)
Issue 34 - (Publishing in 2022 July)
Issue 35 - (Publishing in 2022 September)
Issue 36 - (Publishing in 2022 November)

For upper primary: i Magazine (for 10 y/o+)

Get your Gen Z child reading more and doing better in the PSLE English exam

Are you struggling to get your upper primary child to be more well-read? i magazines are specially written to get every young Gen Z student reading more and doing better in all 4 papers of the PSLE English exam.

It contains #trending topics that would interest a young reader 10 years old and above. The articles are written by former MOE teachers and will increase general knowledge of your child, which is especially important to do well in the Oral and Writing components of the PSLE exam.

Each issue also contains QR codes to videos and audio clips to excite and engage a young person in digital ways for the below:

  1. Model examples of Oral stimulus-based conversations
  2. Listening Comprehension practice
  3. YouTube videos to supplement content discussed in the articles

i magazine will help every reader to:

  1. Be more knowledgeable about trends in Singapore and the world
  2. Expand their vocabulary
  3. Improve in writing skills, language use and comprehension skills, listening comprehension skills, and oral communication skills

Issue 21 (Publishing in 2022 February)
Issue 22 (Publishing in 2022 April)
Issue 23 (Publishing in 2022 July)
Issue 24 (Publishing in 2022 August)