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A Nyonya Mosaic - Memoirs of A Peranakan Childhood

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Set in Singapore in the 1910s, A Nyonya Mosaic is the story of a young girl growing up in a slowly changing world. William Gwee Thian Hock relates the childhood impressions of his Nyonya mother through her own eyes - the scenes of happiness, birthdays and weddings; and the inevitable disease and death; the childish passions and fears woven through the mosaic of a strict and sometimes unrelenting culture; as intricate and as colourful in its every detail. Much in the foreground is the family, her matriarchal grandmother, her dogmatic father and her siblings, all with their own stories, but always bonded by their love, their beliefs and superstitions. Illustrated with photographs from the family archive, A Nyonya Mosaic is not merely a chronicle of a passing culture; these are the precious memories of one who loves it. Truly a touching narrative.