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Combo Deal for "i", Inspire & iThink

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Combo Deal for "i", Inspire & iThink

This is a set of our 3 in-house publications – i, Inspire, iThink

Subscriptions Available:

2017 edition
iThink: issue 13, 14, 15 (sold out issues 16/17)
Inspire: issue 9, 10, 11 (sold out issues 12/13)
i: issue 1, 2, 3, 4

2018 edition
iThink: issue 18, 19, 20/21, 22
Inspire: issue 16, 17/18 (sold out issues 14, 15)
i: issue 6, 7, 8 (sold out issue 5)

2019 edition
iThink: issue 23, 24, 25/26, 27
Inspire: Out of Stock
i: issue 9, 10, 11, 12

ISSN: 2382-6223
Size: 215 x 285 mm

" i " … Bold. Confident. Ready

What do you get when you blend English language learning with five cups of entertainment, ten tablespoons of confidence boosters, ten tablespoons of fun and a dash of mischief?

If you have learners who have little interest in the English language, see no reason why they should mind their commas, who cannot seem to get past the first page of anything they read or if you simply want to provide an exciting reading experience for your students, just let them read " i " . After all, " i " , as the name suggests, is all about the learner.

" i " is an upbeat read that features articles and comic strips of various sub-themes such as Chow Down (food), Line of Work (career), Sports & Games and Dance, Music & Drama, among others. The magazine texts closely follow the standard and format of texts outlined in the MOE English Language syllabuses. There is also a section on language games, where students can have fun with crossword puzzles, word search and anagrams, just to name a few. To help students understand and manage their emotions better, we have a regular section, Growing Pains. Articles in this section deal with anything from life hacks of becoming a confident person to managing anger and stress in a smarter manner. " i " also contains a generous sprinkle of spicy info bites (Now You Know), tickling brainteasers (Tease Your Brain), YouTube videos, SEL questions and word bank.

INSPIRE is an English Language magazine targeted at young readers between the ages of 11 and 14. True to its tag line, ‘Amazing Stories’, this magazine features fascinating stories, both fiction and non-fiction. In each issue, there are articles that include a variety of themes and genres, and a dedicated section on language games.

Every issue of INSPIRE also includes a ‘WorkOut’ section, where carefully-designed worksheets that mirror the school exam format are included in order to provide readers with additional practice on exam-type questions that assess listening, oral, reading comprehension as well as writing skills.

Through a diverse range of content and styles as well as engaging language games, each issue of INSPIRE aims to widen the young readers’ knowledge, expose them to different writing styles and text types, expand their vocabulary as well as sharpen their language skills. In a nutshell, INSPIRE aims to ignite the love for reading and the English Language among young readers, and maintain that inspiration with each issue of amazing stories.

'iThink' is specially designed for the readers between ages from 14 to 16 years old. iThink symbolizes the magazine's focus on critical thinking and we adopted the thematic model. The content is created bearing in mind the current MOE syllabus objectives and exam requirements, while maintaining the quality and concept of an interesting non-academic magazine.

iTHINK was nominated Best Educational Title in 2016 by Singapore Book Awards 2016.
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