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  1. The Young Scientists Series In 12 Volumes

    Scientists are often presented as old men in white coats, but this series shows that great discoveries have been made by people of all ages and cultures—some are young people, and many are female. Learn More

  2. Mister HDB: The Life and Legacy of Lim Kim San

    Asad Latif, a former journalist, is the author of the biography, Lim Kim San: A Builder of Singapore, as well as a biography of politician and journalist Gerald de Cruz. Asad studied History at Cambridge, where he was a Chevening and S. Rajaratnam Scholar, and was a Fulbright Visiting Scholar at Harvard. Learn More

  3. Tales of Magic & Fantasy

    Be prepared to travel to lands of magic and fantasy, and meet beloved characters like Curry the dragon, Mr Readalot the librarian, Morgana the witch and the steel monster Titanius. Written by authors age ten to sixteen, the tales in the book are full of action and adventure and will take you to worlds beyond your imagination! Learn More

  4. Where’s Grandma?

    ISBN 9789810720780 Learn More

  5. Fann

    ISBN 9789810726171 Learn More

  6. Hansel and Girl Girl

    ISBN 9789810731816 Learn More

  7. I Love Chocolate

    ISBN 9789810732202 Learn More

  8. The King and the Frog

    ISBN 9789810732226 Learn More

  9. Blanket Travel

    ISBN 9789810735180 Learn More