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  1. Tales of Magic & Fantasy

    Be prepared to travel to lands of magic and fantasy, and meet beloved characters like Curry the dragon, Mr Readalot the librarian, Morgana the witch and the steel monster Titanius. Written by authors age ten to sixteen, the tales in the book are full of action and adventure and will take you to worlds beyond your imagination! Learn More

  2. Tony Tapir & Friends + Quest for the Pearl

    Purchase this combo deal and get 2 books. These books are suitable for age from 9 to 14. Learn More

  3. Bleagh Series - Books about values

    Purchase this combo deal and get 3 books. These books are suitable for age from 3 to 7. Learn More

  4. Emily Lim's Toy Series Picture Story Books (a set of 4 titles)

    Purchase this combo deal and get 4 books. These books are suitable for age from 3 to 7. Learn More

  5. Red Train Readers Series

    The Red Train Readers are fun and easy to read! Each book contain stories that children can easily relate to and that are close to their hearts. With attractive illustrations and simple-to-read text, Red Train Readers are sure to capture the attention of children and put them on the road to reading success! Titles in this series: - Let's Make Cookies - My Sandwich - Daddy's Special Breakfast - Tommy's Ball - Granny Grandy's Umbrella - Farmer Jones"s Hat - Peter's Boat Ride - Hurry!Hurry! - I See... - The Leaking Tap Learn More

  6. The Diary of Amos Lee Series

    Singapore’s Most Famous Toilet Diarist wants to help you start writing your own diary! This D.I.Y. diary is peppered with fun stuff, doodles and personality tests to get you started on your own road to fame, and even Amos Lee's sister Whoopie is chipping in, too! Learn More

  7. Whoopie Lee: Series of 2 Books

    Whoopie Lee: Almost Famous - ISBN 9789810884130 Whoopie Lee: The Big Spell Off - ISBN 9789810747800 Learn More

  8. Secrets of Singapore Series

    In Secrets of Singapore, Danger Dan and Gadget Girl uncover the nation’s past, from the time of Sang Nila Utama in 1299 to independence in 1965. But wait, there’s more! Learn More

  9. Danger Dan Series

    Danny and Melody are back, except they’re in Melody’s world now! Welcome to Singapore 2135, where cars travel on “skyways”, the grass is soft enough to sleep on, and everything runs perfectly. Danny is thrilled with the brilliant gadgets...but some things are not quite what they seem. A new secret friend brings trouble to the Zoo, and Danger Dan and Gadget Girl have to clean up the mess before it grows to elephant proportions. And Danger Dan has to face his greatest archenemy once more - the Cockroach! Learn More

  10. Girl Overboard! - 3 series of Books

    Girl Overboard!: A Rose Among the Thorns - ISBN 9789810795740 Girl Overboard!: A Rose Grows in the Jungle - ISBN 9789814615273 Girl Overboard!: Everything’s Coming Up Rosie - ISBN 9789814615419 Learn More