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Timmy and Tammy Series (Level 3)

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ISBN 978-981-4668-36-1
Join Timmy and Tammy as they go out and about to explore and learn.
Join Timmy and Tammy as they go out and about to explore and learn. Practise reading skills and learn about Singapore in this story, written especially for our Jubilee celebrations.


For increasingly confident reading with simple chapters or stories broken into parts.

Timmy & Tammy (LEVEL 3) titles :

What is Singapore
Timmy and Tammy want to know what Singapore is, but everyone is giving them a different answer. Soon, they come up with their own definition of Singapore that is both creative and heartwarming.

Writing a Dairy with Mum
Timmy and Tammy are curious about Mum’s diary. What will they learn and could they start a diary of their own?

Spending Time with Dad
Timmy is excited to have a special date with Dad. What will they do and what will it be like?

Talking to Grandpa About War
Grandpa takes out a few interesting items from when he was a young boy. What will Timmy and Tammy learn about the war that Grandpa lived through?

Guide to Primary One
Timmy and Tammy are ready for primary school—are you? Read all about what they encounter and you’ll learn some important lessons and tips as you start your exciting primary school journey!

Saving and Spending Money
Grandma takes Timmy and Tammy to the bank and teaches them how to save and spend money. What pearls of wisdom will they learn?
POSB National School Savings stamp card is included in every purchase of Timmy & Tammy Saving and Spending Money. This book is published in partnership with POSB.

Taking a Plane Ride
Timmy and Tammy are excited to take a plane ride. They can read, eat a meal and listen to music on the plane. There’s so much to do!

Learning About Road Safety
Timmy and Tammy are on a field trip to the Road Safety Community Park. What will they learn about road safety?

Guide to Cyber Wellness
Computers, handphones, and tablets are necessary for our daily lives. They help us in communication as well as provide us with information and entertainment. How should Timmy and Tammy handle the use of such devices among family and friends?

At Sentosa
Timmy and Tammy enjoy a day out at Sentosa. Along the way, they learn how to overcome their fears through teamwork.
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