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10000 why Part1 Natural Series

十万个为什么 (自然卷) 1~5 100 Thousand Why (Natural Series) - Age 8 to 12

Purchase this set of books to receive Issue 1 to 5, 5 copies.

These range of books are made compatible with Pen Pal Whizz.

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《十万个为什么》 (translated directly as “100 Thousands of Whys”) is a series of comics that is widely loved by children of all ages. The series transform the solemn knowledge in encyclopaedia into lively and interesting facts that children can easily identify in their daily lives! To ease recognizing Chinese words in the comic, you may tap them with reading pen; this enables the words to be recited. That is not all, You may also tap on the comic characters to hear their dialogue, making the comic characters come alive!!!their dialogue, making the comic characters come alive!!! Through interaction with the various characters in the comic series, children will be able to pick up interested facts about nature and animals. Enabling them to gain more general knowledge in Science through joy and laughter!


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